Rome Day 2 - Travel Photography

Our third hop-on hop-off bus of the trip and it was pretty cool although much shorter than the others.


Our first stop of the day was at the Colosseum which was a mad house with all the tourists. It seems to me that, after seeing much of the things to see in rome today, tourists only go to like 5 things in the entire city. We paid for a tour (which also got us a tour of the palatine hill) which felt a little sketchy as we were going through security and skipping all the lines but its a real company with licensed guides so whatever.

Palatine Hill

After the Colosseum, we headed to our new tour guide for the palatine hill and he was awesome. Throughout my schooling, I had heard the story of the founding of rome through the republic and emperors too many times to count but he was able to put the entirety of Roman history into perspective in a way that I had not thought of before nor had been taught.

Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps

These get grouped because I was not as impressed by them. The fountain was extraordinarily beautiful but was also extraordinarily crowded. We are talking 15 people deep around the whole thing. Its beautiful but I dont get what the fuss was about. I guess we can call this feeling 'The Mona Lisa Effect' (something that people say is a big deal then doesn't live up to expectations).

The Spanish steps were cordoned off because they are being repaired although I'm sure, had they been open, you would not have been able to see a single inch of marble because of all the humans on top of them. All in all, the last two things of the day were pretty meh in my book.