Barcelona Day 2 - Travel Photography

Another day, another whirlwind of sights. This is definitely what I signed up for but it is exhausting. 

Castle of Montjüic

We began our day at the fort that overlooks the city and has enormous historical importance in Spain, especially during the Spanish Civil War. There was some sort of artistic intervention going on at the fort when we visited that had a ton of flowers and such. I'm not so sure that covering a building with a grim history in colorful flowers helps at all. To me, it is an attempt to cover up a past that can be hard to rationalize but needs to be understood nonetheless.

Palace of Catalan Music

I can definitely see why this is a UNESCO world heritage site.  the detail in the mosaics, stained glass and sculptures is astounding. Tours are at weird times but are very much worth it.

Barcelona Cathedral

We saw the outside of this and the cloisters yesterday but the inside was finally open so we checked that out as well. It is amazing what people could do without power tools.