Barcelona Day 3 - Travel Photography

This was the day of Gaudí for us in Barcelona. Last time I was here, I apparently did not see nearly enough Gaudí. The way he fuses natural forms into his work in order to add meaning to the structure shows his mastery of both architecture and observation.


Parc Güell  

A walk in the park here is certainly anything but boring. I was amazed by how naturally he fit much of his work into the naturally occurring rock formations of the park. 

Casa Batllo

Gaudí somehow makes you feel as if you are underwater throughout this house. The guy essentially invented sustainable design 100 years before it became commonplace.  

Sagrada Familia

One would think that visiting a place for a second time diminishes its impact on a person. When it comes to Gaudí, nothing could be further from the truth. The feeling that you get when you walk into the Sagrada Familia truly defies explanation and photos certainly do not do it justice.