Paris Day 2 - Travel Photography

Another city, another hop-on hop-off bus. It is a great way to see a lot of sights in a very short amount of time. One thing to note: Never ever shoot from the bus, there is almost no way to get a good photo while speeding down the street. Just sit back, enjoy the city and listen to the guide. 

Notre Dame

Notre Dame was the second stop on the hop-on hop-off bus (the first was the Louvre which we saw yesterday) and we were definitely interested in spending some time there although it ended up being a three hour stop due to lines everywhere. The trip up the tower was worth the wait because we got to see some gargoyles up close and get a great view of the city. We actually ended up walking back past here after dinner.

Arc du Triomphe

Photos really do not do this place justice. It's just massive and the 12 avenues converging at the circle that surrounds the arch makes for insane traffic. We are going back to the Champs Elysses tomorrow so I hope to get some more photos of the Arc du Triomphe.

Eiffel Tower

One of the many landmarks that books and photos simply do not capture the magnitude of the place. We bought tickets to go to the 'sommet' aka the very top which was absolutely worth it. The city looks so small from up there and you can see all the famous landmarks. I was very glad that we stood in multiple lines to get to the top.