Sevilla Day 1 - Travel Photography

What a busy first real day in Sevilla! 

We started our afternoon of sightseeing with the Alcazár just down the street from our apartment. It was a good thing that I brought my student I.D. because that reduced the admission cost from 9,50 to 2,00 euros, a pretty nice savings. The compound is extraordinary. The detail that has gone into the construction of each and every room is really a sight to see. It's pretty easy to see why it was named a World Heritage Site.

After lunch, we headed to the Cathedral of Sevilla. It was very interesting to compare its architecture to the cathedrals that we have visited thus far on the trip (It is extraordinarily similar to the Barcelona Cathedral actually and about as far removed as you can get from La Sagrada Familia, but then again, what cathedral isn't). After walking around the ground floor, we climbed the ramped bell tower to look out over the city. I just wish the observation platform was slightly higher but it still gives a unparalleled view of the city.