Venice - Travel Photography

Unfortunately where we stayed in Venice did not have wifi so I was not able to update the blog daily which was unfortunate because it ended up being one of my favorite places that we went to on the trip. The city is just so different than really any other on the planet that one cannot help imagining what it would be like if the only way to get around was either by boat or on foot in every city.

St. Mark's Square

The main attraction of Venice (well other than the gondolas and other boats) was St. Mark's Square and the Doge palace. 


Famous for its lace, the little town of Burano is just an hour by boat from Venice. The pastel colored houses made for a very upbeat and happy atmosphere. The detail that goes into each square inch of lace is truly astounding.

Rome Day 1 - Travel Photography

The good thing about early flights is that you can actually do something on the day that you get to a new place. The bad thing is that you are too tired to do very much. We saw a few sights near our hostel then took a very long nap until dinner time.

It was republic day here but by the time that we got downtown after checking in, all the festivities had ended which was unfortunate. We did end up going to the top of the Vittorio Emmanuel monument which had some great views of the forum, Colosseum, and the city in general.

Barcelona Day 4 - Travel Photography

Well technically this was outside Barcelona but whatever. We spent the entire day at Montserrat which is a really unbelievable place. I only wish it weren't an hour and a half from Barcelona.

Barcelona Day 3 - Travel Photography

This was the day of Gaudí for us in Barcelona. Last time I was here, I apparently did not see nearly enough Gaudí. The way he fuses natural forms into his work in order to add meaning to the structure shows his mastery of both architecture and observation.


Parc Güell  

A walk in the park here is certainly anything but boring. I was amazed by how naturally he fit much of his work into the naturally occurring rock formations of the park. 

Casa Batllo

Gaudí somehow makes you feel as if you are underwater throughout this house. The guy essentially invented sustainable design 100 years before it became commonplace.  

Sagrada Familia

One would think that visiting a place for a second time diminishes its impact on a person. When it comes to Gaudí, nothing could be further from the truth. The feeling that you get when you walk into the Sagrada Familia truly defies explanation and photos certainly do not do it justice.