Iggy Azalea - Nashville Concert Photography

Iggy Azalea is so fancy, but you already know. Loved the light-up steps and her set. Super high energy and fantastic overall. Huge shoutout to Music Group for the access.

Ludacris - Nashville Concert Photography

Ludacris was ludicrous, what else is there to say? Again, huge shoutout to Music Group.

Jeremih - Nashville Concert Photography

Jeremih was the first act at Commodore Quake 2014. No spotlight on him (not sure why, they definitely had 2) but still fun to shoot. Huge shoutout to Music Group for the access. Fantastic group of people who put on a killer show.

Skrillex - Nashville Concert Photography

One of the most ridiculous sets I have shot. Skrillex brought down the house at the War Memorial Auditorium.