Iceland Day 2 - Travel Photography

To be honest, we may have done too much yesterday. I was so tired last night and I slept in this morning. Today ended up being a great day but we definitely took it easy after the marathon of yesterday (it is looking like Saturday will be similarly busy so get ready for another lengthy blog post like the last one).


We began today in the world's northernmost capital city, Reykjavik. After lunch (I slept in that late) we walked around the city aimlessly and found some cool things on the way in terms of architecture and sculpture. I still cannot get over how beautiful this city is. I cannot imagine waking up every day and seeing this kind of landscape. We also ended up in the National Museum of Iceland (sorry no photos allowed) which is where we got to see a great exhibition on the history of Iceland.

Blue Lagoon

Right when we started to feel like Iceland might actually be on earth and is not actually some alien world, we went to the blue lagoon. Other than being totally awesome and warm (these last few days have made me question the existence of warmth with a nice throwback to winter) it really looks like it cannot possibly exist on this planet. Water isn't that color, rocks don't look like that and, to top it all off, you drive for 40 minutes across land that can only be described as lunar to get there.