London Day 2 - Travel Photography

After not getting a lot of sleep yesterday because of the early flight, I felt like I slept forever. The wifi here at the hostel is not the fastest so I spent way too long on the final Iceland blog post this morning since my computer now has power. 

Once I finished the post, we went to the Tate Britain gallery (no photos :( )to see some art before eating lunch at an awesome local sandwich shop here in Pimlico.

We decided the best use of our time touring the city would be to do a hop-on hop-off bus tour which was great (although a little slow) it was nice to have a guide tell us about what we were passing as we drove through the streets of London on a double decker bus.

Buckingham Palace

In reality, we could have walked there from the hostel but we paid for the bus so we used it. Like Madrid, it put the white house to shame with its ornateness. I was suprised at how close the public was allowed to get to the palace. That would never happen in the US.

Big Ben & Parliament

Another impressive building with incredible detail. We got to hear Big Ben's bell on the hour which was really cool as well. The light was not great for the classic bridge shot but they turned out well enough. I prefer the angle coming from the street behind the building better anyway.

Westminster Abbey

Unfortunately, they did not allow photos in the main section of the Abbey. Like most cathedrals, it was pretty incredible on the inside (although I now compare every cathedral to the Sagrada Familia which is certainly not fair). I was able to shoot outside the cathedral and outside the main indoor section so that was a minor positive.