Paris Day 1 - Travel Photography

We had a lovely first day in Paris once we figured out what to do. We had to go downtown to pick up our Paris Passes first so that we could get into a bunch of the stuff that we wanted to do. We then spent the rest of the day in two art museums, The Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. I am not much of a museum guy but these museums were really awesome.

On our way back from the museums, we came across this guy doing what I guess was a dance with pigeons. It was hilarious for some reason.

Also on our way back, we stumbled across one of the many bridges on the Seine that has loads of locks on it due to the superstition that if you put a lock on the bridge with the one you love and throw the key in the water, your relationship will last forever (or something along those lines). There were so many locks on these bridges, there must be a civil engineer panicking somewhere.