Cathedral of Barcelona

Barcelona Day 1 - Travel Photography

Its good to be back in one of my favorite places on the planet. I can't say exactly why but I really like Barcelona. Maybe it's the mediterranean, the narrow streets or the great weather, who knows? Anyway, we tried to do a lot today but, being that it is Spain (a very very very catholic country) on a Sunday, nothing was really open. We ended up exploring a large swath of the city by foot which was really fun. We also attempted to visit the Palace of Catalan Music but that too was closed by the time we got there. 

Barcelona Cathedral

I guess this counts as the only real thing we "saw" today but the main section of the cathedral was closed off today because it's a church, duh. Undeterred, we hung out in the plaza for a long time and took in the street performers and giant bubbles being blown before discovering the cloisters of the cathedral were open.