Vanderbilt vs. Georgia - Nashville Sports Photography

This Vanderbilt team has a lot of fight in it. I was surprised bow long they stayed in the game against a top 10 opponent, even having a chance to win at the end. We need to stop throwing interceptions in the endzone.

Football vs. Western Kentucky

Really tough loss in the first game of the season. Excited about the potential of this team though as long as we limit turnovers.

Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee - Nashville Sports Photography

That shade of orange is the absolute worst. They only beat our sorry excuse for a football team by 7 though so there's solace in the fact that they're pretty awful as well.

Vanderbilt vs. Florida - Nashville Sports Photography

Another week. Another loss. We won't be going to a bowl game for the 4th straight year. Our offense struggled so much that I do not really have that many photos of them because they were not on the field for long.