Rec Center Crate Stacking - Photojournalism

It's this kind of assignment that shows why I love this school so much. Any given Wednesday night there's something cool going on somewhere on campus.

Vanderbilt vs. LSU - Nashville Sports Photography

The Ben Simmons train rolled into Nashville last night. I was definitely skeptical of the hype but after seeing him drop 36 seemingly without trying, call me a believer.

Vanderbilt vs. Georgia - Nashville Sports Photography

This Vanderbilt team has a lot of fight in it. I was surprised bow long they stayed in the game against a top 10 opponent, even having a chance to win at the end. We need to stop throwing interceptions in the endzone.

Football vs. Western Kentucky

Really tough loss in the first game of the season. Excited about the potential of this team though as long as we limit turnovers.