Marbella Day 4 - Travel Photography

Our last day in Marbella consisted of beach, beach and more beach. After such a hectic day yesterday, it was certainly nice to be able to relax for most of the day. 

Before dinner, I had a chance to walk around the Casco Antiguo (Old City) of Marbella, hitting some of the spots that I missed on Saturday. I was also able to get into the cathedral which was really beautiful but had to leave quickly as a service was about to start. As I stopped in the square outside the cathedral to put away my camera, a pigeon took the opportunity to relieve itself directly above me (don't worry, the camera is fine). Whether it was spite from heaven for leaving the cathedral before the service or just a freak coincidence, I cannot really be sure but all I know is that the outcome could have certainly been worse than the quarter-sized bird dropping that landed on my shoulder.

We leave tomorrow morning for Sevilla so stay tuned for more adventures!

Marbella Day 3 - Travel Photography

Not much to shoot today on our hike and subsequent siesta for most of the afternoon. I do really like the photo I was able to get from the top of the hike of Marbella and the Mediterranean but that is really the only one from today.

Headed to Gibraltar tomorrow. Hopefully we will see some of the famous Macaques that roam the rock!


Not pictured is the 40% grade that we had to hike up but I'd say it ended up being worth it.

Marbella Day 2 - Travel Photography

If I had to use only one word to describe our first real day in Marbella, it would have to be 'Relaxed.' We spent a good part of the day on the beach enjoying the absolutely perfect weather (which apparently is the same for 300 days a year). In the late afternoon, we went to the old city where we walked around the tile streets taking in the sights and sounds. I happened to stumble upon a wedding reception outside the main cathedral of Marbella which was certainly unexpected but interesting to see the differences and similarities to American weddings and receptions.

Marbella Day 1 - Travel Photography

I guess you could call this day 1 in Marbella even though we spend the largest portion of the day in either Barcelona, the airport, on a plane or in a car driving through the Andalucian countryside. For this reason, I only really have 2 photos to share but this weekend should include a trip to Gibraltar so there will be a nice opportunity to make up for lost ground in terms of volume of photos.