Vanderbilt vs. Georgia - Basketball Photography

We finally won a game like we were supposed to. That loss at Mississippi State still stings though

Vanderbilt vs. LSU - Nashville Sports Photography

The Ben Simmons train rolled into Nashville last night. I was definitely skeptical of the hype but after seeing him drop 36 seemingly without trying, call me a believer.

Vanderbilt vs. South Dakota State - Nashville Sports Photography

One of the most exciting games in recent memory. The 30 second shot clock that they are using in the NIT definitely needs to happen NCAA-wide. 

Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee | SEC Tournament - Nashville Sports Photography

Tried something new with putting a GoPro on top of my camera and taking video of the game in addition to taking photos to get some new content. It was a really disappointing end to this game (and possibly our season). I really thought we had a good shot of going far in the tournament. Hopefully we can still get a NIT bid but thats pretty questionable as of now.