Commodore Quake - Nashville Concert Photography

I was lucky enough to get a pass for Commodore Quake this year.  Going in, I was pretty skeptical given last years performances that were less than stellar in my opinion.  However, I really liked Wale and Kendrick Lamar's performances.  From a photo standpoint, it was a little dark and I struggled a little bit with keeping motion blur to a minimum but that is part of the job.  

When I got back from the show, an Instagram user had taken one of my photos and posted it as his own so I confronted him about it and got "you're just mad because I have more likes on your pictures than you" as a response.  I then contacted Instagram and reported a copyright violation, which was processed today and the photo was removed from his page.  Not only was he extremely rude to me when I asked him "please credit me on my photo" he also blocked me from posting on his page before I had the chance to explain to him that he was infringing on my Creative Commons - Attributive license that I attach to all of my images and needed to credit me or take the photo down.  Since he was rude about it, I reported him and Instagram handled it.  The worst part about it is that he labels himself as a "Pro Photographer" on both his Twitter and Instagram profiles.  A real "Pro" would not steal another's work and call it his own. Just Sayin.